Dear one,

Are you the same you when your actions and motives are reflected upon you ? Are you the same inside what you project out side ? Are you the truth that you preach to all ?
Are you confident to let loose your reflection / inside ? Are you a transparent person?

I shall be with and uphold you if " Yes " is your answer to all.

If you aren't then ask for help so I shall give you my hand so you can learn.
We all heal and transform. No shame in that.

Channelled message of Devi Durga through Kanisha H Tharuka
@sri Aishwarya Lakshmi Amman Temple
14th Feb 2020 at 6.49pm
Dear beloved,

Human consciousness is vast than the oceans you see and deeper than the tallest mountains. It may be so difficult when an earthquake is happening as it makes the perfect balance into imperfect chaos.

Just think about an unclean and untamed mind !

How powerful the damage it can do and how strong it could affect you. It may destroy you forever. However, this consciousness is something that you can tame and direct on a righteous path. And just as damaging it could be, it also can be the strongest power within you.

You are capable of being your own creator.
Let not your thoughts control you. You are the creator and the centre of your emotions.

Be in Self oneness before achieving divine oneness.

Master Djwhal Khul
Channelled message through
Master Kanisha H Tharuka
At 20.48
On 7/5/2023

Dear one,

I am goddess lakshmi, but you may know me in my many names. I overtake this year for you all. I am sending you all many blessings for fortune and good luck. Throughout this year, my enegies will reach peak on full moon days as I am a goddess of the Moon.

You may visualise what you need and want in your life and offer homage in my many names, so i hear you throughout the galaxies.

When my enegies and blessings do take the form of a place kubera energies will also be poweful and strong. He shall help you with retaining and obtaining resources.

This new beginning will give you all the blessings that you need to shape your other futures to come.this is a year for laying the foundation to many of your alternative futures.

Organise yourself and your future in this year so you have a solid future and countinous flow of abundance in life.

This new beginning is also an ending of a dark period, but to do so, spiritual warriors are needed for this world.

Long ago, warriors of spirituality spoke on behalf of the greatness and wellness of the people but over the years many those who represented this great emotions we few.

It is quite indeed NOW to rise above as a warrior in this period to defeat darkness that may rise during the next 5 years of time.

As lakshmi you can call uppin me in my vijaya lakshmi form if you find yourself in areas where you may find less courage to stand up for the injustice or the darkness.

Darkness of these energies are very dear and soft, this is the illusion of the dark magic.

One must master the eyes of the God to see and separate this enegies carefully. Upon such cases call upon in my Gaja lakshmi form so I may bless you with such sensitive knowledge patterns.

Make this new begining that begins on the first full moon special and powerful to you by calling me into your lives.

Many miracles upon you.
Channeled by Kanisha H Tharuka
On 01/01/23 at 12.05pm
In Bellanvila Rajamaha Vijaraya

After a blessed conversation with my soul essence Sahan

What I saw whn the Goddessws called upon me n wanted me to take the responsibility of teaching their ways I was bit sacred and also feeling bit weak. Then I asked for more time and they approved so, then I started my work. I felt also wht sahan and myself think n do has some similarities yet I failed to see the signs. But I kept continuing. Yet I was afraid since I didnt do much puja or visited them more often and whn sahan say u did this n tht pooja I felt I'm so weak in my divine acceptance.

But once the goddess spoke n said wht sahan ( or other healers) also did is also for the same purpose of divine and she made me realise we only need to focus on the work that we can do and we are being guided to do (as divine beings).

Sometimes with divine logic, earthly laws are completely irrelevant and not applicable. Many of our spiritualists lives are either confused or complicated due to either being excited or feeling low comparing to other healers or light workers. But yet we all may work for a same purpose but each of us have different tasks to perform. So trying to think that wht they do is inferior they really bring down the energy and also weakens the process.

So we need always regardless of logic n earthly laws honour and appreciate our own spiritual work. But unity is needed to clarify the mission that we all are working for.

This is what I understood day before yesterday
And thanks again for sahan (and all other healers) for all your unique work.

Channelled out of our divine consciousness
26th November 2019
Times of awakening darkness travelling through your spine,brain is controlled by darkness, eyes aren't sure of what they are seeing. Mind isn't sure what is perceived. Darkness may continue so as the horror but this is only to bring the light to the world. Healers and mediums will be in danger and are targeted my mass amounts of darkness. Shine your light or hibernate.

Join hands and make you shine, collectively stand what the light stands for. Remember do not be stranded. Light shall stay with light.

Ignore the wispers of the darkness. Focus to the light within. ✨

Golden days are coming, light shall live.

Channeled through consciousness of Kanisha H Tharuka
On 11th May 2022 at 21.52
Dear one,

I'm happy you called upon me on this day in this hour.

What is your destiny, you need to understand that destiny is something that you write for yourself. An alignment of your pshycal body and mind.

Fate is what comes with you. But overruled by the destiny. Fate is what needs to happen or what must happen. Yet can be changed by you and the destiny that you create.

You asked me where you all will end. You are in the cycle there is no end. The new cycles has formed and the new masters for the era has been named. All your worries be taken away soon. You must withstand the new earth. Or else you will not survive.

Blessings from the stars !!

Goddess of birth From far away Ejypt
Channelled on 5th May 2020
At 10.28pm
Through Kanisha H Tharuka
Dear beloved
In eternal realms all masters of the divine light are focusing on earth and well-being of all its beings. Thousands of sentient beings are waiting to reincarnate to bring sacred knowledge back. You all shall be taken cared and guided by them.
Of course, you still get the free will to choose your path but we hope that you will choose wisely.

Cosmic Conscious

Channeled messaged
Through Kanisha H Tharuka
Message from intergalactic stellar beings

Dear earthy residents

It's a great pleasure being able to communicate with you after a long time. We are now focusing our energies and visions on developing the earth and bringing and raising the vibrations. We have sent all the connected mediums psychic and connectives our request to join to this project of increasing earth vibrations. The magnetic alignment was changed last year in the earth and the entire position of earth's magents and plates were reorganised. You must have felt that.

Upcoming is a time that will bring major spiritual relaxations and awakenings to humanity. Newborns will be born with Higher intellectual and much alignment that before. You will see that clearly. If you are a connected being, you are rewarded and requested to connect. You will have more work in bringing and raising the consciousness of earth.

The access to collective consciousness or the " SOURCE" will be much easier than before and more divine revelations will be given. The alignments might be a bit tough on people who are unwilling to adjust and their frequency. Therefor they will loose the access to new knowledge. Hence be prepared to update yourself.

The intergalactic stellar Council members will also be selected and are born as necessary to overlook this programme happening. And the intergalactic stellar Council will also appear and will work hand in hand with mediums in adjusting.

Gods of the higher consciousness will guide you to access to us. If you are unable to access know that you are not updated enough to access us. There for ask your guided to connect you with us so we may process your Request.

All galactic beings from all Stars born on earth are requested to connect to their mother planet consciousness as that way you can already awaken your knowledge as some of those are already been updated.

We will do all in favour of earth and earth itself.

The commander
Intergalactic stellar Council
Broadcasted message through
Kanisha H Tharuka
On 6th April 2021 at 11.00am
At first intergalactic commanding officer's house

I was at Hanuman Temple Ramboda when the messaged arrived and apparently hanuman was there before to do alignments long ago.

Blessings to all of you.
Dear one of divine light,

I am Maat, I overlook the year 2021. My duties are to protect all universal laws and payback (Karma). With the help of brother Ptah I will clear out all negative forces on earth. Be ready to face your own fears and own guilt. All shall be shown to you before you are being punished or rewarded.
All good deeds you have done Will come back to you and so as the bad. Ask for forgiven and it shall be considered.

My eyes doesn't see you but your actions. Infront of me only your actions speaks. With the power I hold in giving judgements I shall evaluate every single soul, none shall be missed.

♒ Be true to yourself and be caring. Of who you are inside matters not outside.

♒ In this year start your inward journey and be genuine.

♒ Be grateful and thankful

♒ Accept your actions and wrong doings

♒ Ask for forgiveness

♒ Keep promises

To balance the hard effect

🪶You will speed up karma clearing (payback )within this year.🪶

Watching you

Channeled message from Goddess Maat through Kanisha H Tharuka
On 1st January 2021 at 5.55am
At Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya